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Play it Safe, Keep it Private

admin December 8, 2018 cyber security maturity assessment

Safety is everyone’s top concern in life when it comes to almost anything. Cars are safety certified, buildings are inspected for safety protocols, even machines are inspected regularly to ensure their accurate functioning when used by civilians. Physical safety precautions are easy to take, like looking both ways before crossing the street or pointing cameras at entry and exit points, but cyber safety precautions can be lost in the shuffle. Getting a cyber security maturity assessment is one way to make sure you, your family, and company are safe from unauthorized infiltrations of your private information.

cyber security maturity assessment

For business owners, online safety is of critical importance to assure that privacy is maintained, and all network information is confidential. Hackers dig deep and try to find any weakness in internet security to exploit, so keeping your cyber security up-to-date is essential. Businesses must assess the risks of any possible problems and address precautions for prevention, instead of waiting until the problem occurs to fix it. Patching up an issue that could’ve been avoided can cost a lot of time, money, and possibly customers.

The cost of a good security system is much less than the cost of fixing up a faulty security system. Days of work could be wasted trying to figure out how exactly the event occurred, and even more additional time will be spent fixing the issue. Addressing potential security issues, assessing risks, picking security initiatives to focus on, and defining a goal or strategy ways to protect yourself from potential disaster and overhead costs.

No matter what maturity level your business is at, it is crucial to evaluate the key elements needed to build, as well as expand, a highly effective information security program. These factors are fundamental in developing a foundation and gaining control over what direction your business will be heading.

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