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Signs of Transmission Failure

admin December 10, 2018 power transmission products

Transmission repair or replacement can be one of the most expensive services you make to your car. However, there are many issues that this important component might endure that require the need for a repair. Whether you choose to handle the repair yourself and buy power transmission products or call the professionals, it is important to recognize the signs of trouble and get on the job of repair at once. Delaying transmission repair only causes the damage to worsen and this means more expensive and headache when it is time to repair. Listed below are some of the most common signs of transmission failure that you shouldn’t ignore.

1.    Slipping Transmission: Transmission slipping feels like you are driving in a certain gear for longer than you should, then suddenly it changes gear.  This problem can also cause the car to struggle to move. It can also make loud noises within the transmission when this happens.

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2.    Leaks: It is trouble any time the transmission is leaking. Do not ignore a leak and call the pros to get service at once.

3.    Shifting Trouble: If your car doesn’t want to change gears, it is known as rough shifts. It may bring a loud thud when this happens that frightens you!

4.    Warning Light: The dashboard on the car contains several tabs that, when lit up, indicate a problem within one of the components of the vehicle. Heed the warning lights and make sure you react at once to avoid more trouble than you want to endure.

5.    Delayed Engagement: Delayed engagement is yet another common sign of transmission trouble.  This happens when the car starts to engage but doesn’t move for a few seconds.

Don’t ignore the signs of transmission failure listed here. It could cost you in many ways if you ignore the signs.

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